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Want to DIY, but also want a little extra guidance? 

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- Focus on the Creativity You Love -

How many times have you started to work on a website, or an image for the web, or a new app, and only to get stalled out and think:

"I wish I knew how to __________."

"If I could only figure out __________."

"I'd hire this out if I could, but I have to do it myself to stay on budget."

We're here to help!

JamieBee Designs helps authors and creatives brand and build their skills.

We can take you from stuck and frustrated to clear and confident with easy to understand directions and creative skills training.

Start building the technical and design skills you need, so you can focus on the creativity you love.

Hi! I'm Jamie

I'm a teacher, designer, author, and photographer. I love helping creatives learn.

I understand the challenges creative people face when taking on something out of their comfort zone. You're not sure where to start, you might be on a deadline or two, you're budget-conscious, you know the answers can be found searching the web or on a video somewhere, but who has the time to put all the pieces together?

I bring you friendly, step-by-step training so you can move out of overwhelm into confidence, and build the technical and design skills you need, so you can focus on the creativity you love.

Why Work With Me?

I'm a teacher with 20 years of experience in the classroom, a published author, and former law office manager.

I provide friendly, encouraging expertise you can trust.

I'm multi-passionate and bring a wide creative skill-set as a designer, artist, photographer, author, and creator. 

What my clients say:

"Jamie is precise and complete in all her formatting she did for my book. I was very pleased with the final product and she made sure I was completely happy with the final product. I will work with her again and recommend her to all my writer friends."


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Five Questions To Ask Yourself When Planning Your Website

Want to create a better website that shows off your content and brand but really not sure where to start? Use these five questions to hone your thoughts into a plan you can start using today.